Performing Arts
I love stage photography for the diversity of its events: from rock concerts to musicals, from open-air shows to venues almost in the dark, from intimate theatrical pieces to shows involving hundreds or even thousands of artists… Each show gives me its share of emotions.

I find it thrilling to be aware of the movements of a constantly changing stage, to react to the lights that can change at every moment.

On stage, an artist is a storyteller. There is always a magical moment when you feel that something is happening, a tension, an emotion or maybe a light falling on a face and there it’s like an evidence, at that specific moment, you feel that something brings life to the instant and you shoot.

But documenting artists on stage is also all about the preparations, the lighting tests, the warm-ups, the exchanges between artists before going on stage, capturing the stage fright that emerges, the tension that rises!

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” — Peter Adams